About us

RannMennt is a Research Center for Education Policy, Globalization and Social Justice.

The main goal of the research center is to create a platform for a group of scholars who conduct critical research in areas related to:

  • educational policy
  • sociology of education
  • social geography
  • the interplay of multiculturalism
  • gender studies
  • queer studies
  • disability studies

in relation to social justice in upbringing and education.

Emphasis is placed on examining the effects of the intersection of different factors, such as class, gender, sexual orientation, origin and disability, on power relations and social justice in upbringing and education.

Mapping the class in the Icelandic educational field is one of the urgent tasks of the institute, as it has been neglected in Icelandic research until now. Other main emphases in research are social justice in education, educational policies in an international context, the impact of market and globalization and inclusive education on policy-making, upbringing and schooling. The research center is a forum for and participates in discussions concerning these topics.

The aim of the research center is to formulate a new field of study in educational research in Iceland on a broad basis; disseminate knowledge, promote discussion, empower professionals and stakeholders in the field of education, and create a platform for future scholars, including master’s and doctoral students, to participate in critical educational research.

The aim of the academic community in charge of the research center is to strengthen research in the field of critical educational policy studies and related fields and to be a forum for academic development in that field. The research center‘s role is intended to initiate and conduct research, disseminate knowledge and present the results of research in the field.

The research center is founded by several scholars from the School of Education at the University of Iceland and their students.


The research projects are divided into three themes, which are:


  • hlekkur1
  • hlekkur2
  • hlekkur3

Education policy

  • hlekkur1
  • hlekkur2
  • hlekkur3

Social justice

  • hlekkur1
  • hlekkur2
  • hlekkur3