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Magnúsdóttir, B. R., & Kosunen S., (in review). The selected few in the Urban North: Upper-secondary school choices in Reykjavík and Helsinki. In A. Rasmussen

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Eva Harðardóttir, Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir, „Moving in the dark“: Exploring representations of refugee youth through Icelandic public policy documents and teachers narratives, Icelandic Review of

MAPS Celebrates a New Doctor in Their Ranks

Doctor Auður Magndís Auðardóttir Auður Magndís Auðardóttir and Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir Choices and dilemmas – Reproduction of classed and gendered power relations through parental practices




MAPS-seminar: Inclusive education in (pre-)primary schools

MAPS-seminar: Inclusive education in (pre-)primary schools: challenges and intersections in urban education in Helsinki, Amsterdam and Reykjavík Time: Thursday 27th of May 2021 at 12:00-15:00 EEST.

Global Citizenship Education

Despite Covid related restrictions and challenges the I-PIC team has been working hard on some very exciting elements of our project. In an effort to

Developing visual and participatory methods

The I-PIC project will be collaborating with teachers to develop visual and participatory teaching and research methods focusing on students agency and storytelling. Inspired by